The Beautiful Colonial Villages of Boyaca

Reading Time: 13 minutes Lake Tota in the department of Boyaca

Reading Time: 13 minutes

Boyaca is a picturesque department of green fields, glacial lakes and charming Spanish colonial villages; popular with Colombian tourists, rarely visited by foreigners.

The region of Boyaca reminds me of  the European Alps with its vast open plains, green pastures and backdrop of lofty mountains.

And while Villa de Leyva and Mongui are the most visited towns in Boyaca, there are over a dozen more beautiful mountain villages, rarely visited, but waiting to seduce travelers with their underrated charms. Continue reading “The Beautiful Colonial Villages of Boyaca”

Villa de Leyva and Mongui – the beautiful villages of Boyaca’

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Boyacá is a cultural and historical heart of Colombia. It was once the center of the Muisca empire who the Spanish fiercely  fought to appropriate their gold. The city of Tunja was their empire’s capital. Most travelers don’t consider a stop at Tunja though the city does possess an impressive city center with well preserved colonial homes and churches. Most travelers only stop at the city’s bus station on a transfer from San Gil or Bogota en route to Villa de Leyva which is just 20 miles to the west. Continue reading “Villa de Leyva and Mongui – the beautiful villages of Boyaca’”

Raquira – the Pottery Capital of Colombia

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The town, mind-blowingly impressive, has to be considered one of Colombia’s best kept secrets.

Raquira, a village of 3,400 people, sits at an altitude of 2,150 meters (7,050 feet) in the mountains of Boyaca, a trek of just a few hours outside of Bogota. The town dates back to Muisca who  lived here long before the Spanish conquest.  Raquira, meaning ‘City of Pots’, has always been famous for its ceramics, pottery and handicrafts. Pottery fragments have been found dating back 8,000 years. Pottery has always been the town’s  bread and butter and remains so today. Continue reading “Raquira – the Pottery Capital of Colombia”