Why Colombian Coffee is Famous and Rated Best in the World

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Colombia is renown for producing high end, refined, luxury coffee thanks to its near perfect growing conditions of the arabica bean. The culture of coffee growing is central to the country’s rugged, rural identity. And for years, Colombian coffee has been a household name and beverage. Why does it rate as one of the best coffees in the world?

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15 Best Destinations in Colombia

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Seasoned South American travelers say Colombia is the continent’s best kept secret – beautiful, affordable and relatively undiscovered by tourism.  Though large, Colombia is easy to travel with plenty of low cost internal flights, comfortable cross-country buses and taxis everywhere.
Travelers can easily visit more than 2-3 destinations in a week with an ample selection of destinations to visit over extended periods.

This is my selection – the  15 best destinations to visit in Colombia. These are places I gladly return to time and time again.  The list is divided by topological identities: beaches, colonial towns, archaeology and cities.  For more information on each destination read  the full articles on colombiatravelreporter.com Continue reading “15 Best Destinations in Colombia”

Colombia’s Coffee Triangle – Best Places to Visit

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Manizales-Pereira-Armenia: a big tourist attraction in Colombia is an exploration of the Zona Cafetera, the ‘Triangulo del Café’ or the Coffee Triangle. Here  they say the best coffee in the world is produced. A rather heated point of contention because every city and region  in Colombia claims to produce not only the country’s best coffee, but they also boast the most beautiful women. Continue reading “Colombia’s Coffee Triangle – Best Places to Visit”

Exploring Colombia’s Alternative Coffee Region

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Forget the Coffee Triangle – Head for the Coffee Square

Exploring ‘the’ coffee region has become one of Colombia’s hottest destinations. While most people think there is just one coffee region, there are actually many. Coffee is grown all over Colombia. In reality, there are numerous options for learning about coffee and immersion in the country’s rural landscape all over the country. Continue reading “Exploring Colombia’s Alternative Coffee Region”

Travel: The North Valley of Cali: Miracles and Massacres

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Valle de Cauca Region – The North Valley of Cali

South of the traditional coffee triangle (an area surrounding the cities  of Manizales, Pereira and Armenia) the Pan American highway travels along the hot valley floor between the cities of Armenia and Cali – right through the heart of Valle del Cauca. Lodged between two mountain ranges,  Cordilleras Occidental and Central,  this fertile valley is an agricultural powerhouse growing wheat, sugar cane, coffee, pineapple and cattle. Continue reading “Travel: The North Valley of Cali: Miracles and Massacres”