Cartagena: a Port City and One Hot Mess

Reading Time: 4 minutes Cartagena is a hot mess:On one hand it’s a vibrant beautiful port city where cruise ships also dock. It has a beautiful historic center and is the major tourist destination for Colombia. The city has the feel of a touristy city in Spain. On other hand, outside of historic center it’s so congested with traffic you […]

Bogota – What to See and Do in a 1-2 Day Stay

Reading Time: 7 minutes People are divided when it comes to Colombia’s capital city of Bogota: they either love it or they hate it. A large cosmopolitan city of 8 million people sitting at an altitude of 8,660 feet, it has a cool climate throughout the year. Colombians call Bogota “the refrigerator of Colombia”.  Overcast and often rainy, but […]

Bogota and Zipaquira’- are they worth seeing?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Bogota I’ve been to Bogota more times than I care to count, so many times that when traveling in Colombia these days  I’m doing my best to avoid it.  It’s not that I don’t like Bogota, I just don’t particularly like it either. For me, Bogota, with a population of over 7.5 million people, is just […]

Travel Southern Colombia: Cali, Popayan, Pasto

Reading Time: 8 minutes Southern Colombia, while on the Pan American Highway heading to Ecuador, is often overlooked, done in a transitional hurry – a night in Cali, a night in Popayan a night in Pasto –brutal trip really – then onto Ecuador. But there would be so much to see and do in this area.

Cali – the City of Eternal Summer and Salsa

Reading Time: 5 minutes Mostly what you read and hear about the city of Cali goes something like this: Cali is hot. The people like to dance. But the town is short on sights and things to do so it’s o.k. to skip. The city rarely makes the list of ‘top destination in the country’. And while most travelers […]

Barrancabermeja – Colombia’s Oil Capital and Port on the Magdellena River

Reading Time: 5 minutes Barrancabermeja  is difficult to say even after practicing it a dozen times. The locals just call it Barranca – saving some breath.  It’s a hot climate, one of the hottest cities in Colombia.  Situated on the Magdelena river on the western border of  Santander just 115 km. west of Bucaramanga and 300 km. east of […]

Monteria: a Tropical City and Pleasant Surprise

Reading Time: 4 minutes Monteria is a pleasant tropical city situated on the Sinu River not far from Colombia’s southern Caribbean coast. The city of 400,000 is off the tourist circuit and relatively unknown to foreign tourists. Considered one of the 10 most important cities in the nation, those who visit will be pleasantly surprised. The capital of the […]