Villages Along the Magdalena – Exploring Colombia’s Interior

Reading Time: 14 minutes The town of Honda on the Magdalena River The Magdalena River is the 5th largest river in South America and the longest in Colombia stretching  1,528 km (950 miles) through the heart of the country.  It begins in south Colombia near San Agustin and flows north emptying into the  Caribbean Sea near Barranquilla, the port […]

Travel Mompox: a backwater river town frozen in time

Reading Time: 3 minutes About five hours inland from the Caribbean coast is the intriguing town of Mompox – a perfectly preserved colonial town.  Founded in 1537 Mompox (also spelled Mompos) was an important port city for cargo and travelers during in the colonial era.  The Magdelena River splits in two just before Mompox. Back in the 1800s the branch, on […]

Honda – Historical River Town on the Magdalena River

Reading Time: 6 minutes Honda is a diamond in the rough.  A quaint, beautiful colonial town everyone dreams of stumbling upon. Honda and Mompox are the most visited villages on the Magdalena. Both are  sister cities of the 17 historical, heritage villages of Colombia, highlighting the culture, history and architecture of Colombia’s finest  Spanish colonial pueblos.   Traveling around the interior of Colombia the town […]

Beautiful Villages and Colonial Towns in Santander, Colombia

Reading Time: 13 minutes Off the beaten path Santander, a Colombian department, is rarely visited. Santander is on the east side of Colombia between two mountain ranges one of which borders Venezuela. It’s a region with green mountains that go from tropical valleys to high plains, tumbling rivers, deep gorges, sleepy Spanish colonial villages and bustling medium sized cities.

Villa de Leyva and Mongui – the beautiful villages of Boyaca’

Reading Time: 6 minutes Boyacá is a cultural and historical heart of Colombia. It was once the center of the Muisca empire who the Spanish fiercely  fought to appropriate their gold. The city of Tunja was their empire’s capital. Most travelers don’t consider a stop at Tunja though the city does possess an impressive city center with well preserved […]

Playa Belen – One of Colombia’s Most Beautiful Villages

Reading Time: 5 minutes Playa Belen is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Colombia. But it is so far off the beaten path few people ever visit. The name of the town means ‘The Beach of Bethlehem‘ and I always thought this inland town had a beach on a river, a lake or something. But this semi-desert […]

Travel: The North Valley of Cali: Miracles and Massacres

Reading Time: 9 minutes Valle de Cauca Region – The North Valley of Cali South of the traditional coffee triangle (an area surrounding the cities  of Manizales, Pereira and Armenia) the Pan American highway travels along the hot valley floor between the cities of Armenia and Cali – right through the heart of Valle del Cauca. Lodged between two […]

Pijao – the ‘slow city’ in Colombia’s Coffee Triangle

Reading Time: 4 minutes Pijao is a small town 31 kilometers (19 miles) to the south of Armenia located in Colombia’s famous coffee triangle in the Quindio province. Along with Salento, Calarca and Filandia, Pijao is considered one of the most beautiful villages in the department. Only an hour bus ride from the city of Armenia it can be […]

Searching for Sevilla in the Valle de Cauca and a Colombia Long Past

Reading Time: 4 minutes What makes us want to look up people and places from our past? People from relationships long over, old faded brick schools, homes we once lived in that now look so small. And places? Magical places so far away in both distance and time. Maybe those are the best. Memories, selective of only the good […]