Travel Southern Colombia: Cali, Popayan, Pasto

Reading Time: 8 minutes Southern Colombia, while on the Pan American Highway heading to Ecuador, is often overlooked, done in a transitional hurry – a night in Cali, a night in Popayan a night in Pasto –brutal trip really – then onto Ecuador. But there would be so much to see and do in this area.

Hot Springs in Colombia’s Coffee Triangle

Reading Time: 7 minutes Colombia’s coffee triangle is currently one of the hottest tourist attractions in the country. Not just for coffee lovers, it’s popular with tourists making their first journey into Colombia. A short plane trip from Medellin, Bogota or Cali, the coffee triangle can  be explored in a just a few days. The hot springs of Santa […]

Banos, Ecuador – thermal baths – hot springs

Reading Time: 5 minutes Banos is a small village with a population of 18,000.  The locals call it a little piece of heaven and travelers who come here invariably end up staying longer than intended. Banos, meaning ‘baths’ in Spanish is famous for it’s thermal spring bathing facilities located in the center of town.