Retire in Panama – Pros and Cons

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Many North Americans are retiring in Panama. Why?

Mainly because it’s warmer and cheaper than than where they are living. Sitting on a beach in February with 80 degree heat beats shoveling snow back home. And apart from the economics, many people have harbored lifetime dreams of living a life abroad. Continue reading “Retire in Panama – Pros and Cons”

Why is the Panama hat made in Ecuador?

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Every country in Latin America makes straw hats.  Colombia’s coffee region has its famous straw hat. But even more famous is Panama’s straw hat. Bright white,  light and airy, the Panama hat has always been linked to whitewashed seaside resorts and green tropical paradises. But everyone has always credited the hat to the wrong country.

Continue reading “Why is the Panama hat made in Ecuador?”

Panama City – a Cosmopolitan City

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The most cosmopolitan city in Central America is busy and vibrant with a skyline jammed with skyscrapers. It’s a city that has been important to international commerce for the last 115 years due to the 50 mile long canal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It’s an international, cosmopolitan city with Indian and Chinese shops, Panamanians hustling in the streets, people from all over the world and construction can be seen everywhere. Continue reading “Panama City – a Cosmopolitan City”

Panama: Beaches and Highlands

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Panama isn’t a big country. A 7 hour, $15 bus ride takes you from Panama City in the south to the border of Costa Rica in the north. Most people come to Panama for the beaches and to explore the jungles in the Western Highlands in the north. While there are also beaches on the Atlantic side, the beaches on the Pacific side are rated the best. Continue reading “Panama: Beaches and Highlands”