Retiring in Ecuador – Pros and Cons

Reading Time: 8 minutes

A lot of Americans are retiring in Ecuador and other countries in Central and South America – stretching their retirement dollars and enhancing their quality of life. Why? How hard is this? Is this something anyone can do? What’s the down side? Where’s the catch? Continue reading “Retiring in Ecuador – Pros and Cons”

The Market of Otavalo, Ecuador

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Saturday market at Otavalo

Otavalo, a village in northern Ecuador two hours from the Colombian border, hosts the largest and most famous textile market in all of South America every Saturday. Continue reading “The Market of Otavalo, Ecuador”

Tena, Ecuador – Gateway to the Amazon

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For a somewhat easy and economical exploration of the Amazon – Tena, the capital town and the oldest town of the Napo Province –  is easy to reach by land. From Tena even last minute tours of the rainforest can easily be arranged. Though technically in the secondary Amazon rainforest, the area is green, wet and wild. Continue reading “Tena, Ecuador – Gateway to the Amazon”

Ecuador’s Pacific Coast and it’s beautiful beaches

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Earthquakes Reset Ecuador’s Pacific Coast

A lot of people write off  Ecuador’s Pacific coast. It’s too hot, the skies are grey and then there was that awful earthquake. It is hot – in the 90s. Nowhere closer to the sun than here. So when that blinding, white hot equatorial sun burns, cloud cover is a blessing. ‘Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun.’ And then there was that earthquake. Continue reading “Ecuador’s Pacific Coast and it’s beautiful beaches”