Arts and Crafts Tourism – Colombia

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Colombia is rich in traditional arts and crafts. Extremely colorful and creative, these handmade crafts are great souvenirs of your Colombian excursions.  Visiting the villages where these crafts are made is a great travel idea. And buying direct from local artisans and village shops offers considerable savings over buying the same crafts in the big city markets.  

The only problem with going to these artisan villages is all the crafts are so beautiful and economical you will never be able to carry home all the crafts you want to buy without arranging shipping.

Over 1 million people in Colombia earn a living from the arts and crafts sector; 60% of the crafts are made in rural regions and 65% of the artisans are women. A main source of income for rural families and indigenous people, their craft making skills have been passed down from one generation to another.

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