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The best of Colombia is a debate travelers entertain until the small hours of the night.

What is the best city in Colombia? The best beach? Best pueblo?

Really there are no right or wrong answers. The remarks reveal more about the person than the country. Everybody is right and no one is wrong.

This is my list of the ‘best of the best’ in Colombia

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Best Cities to Visit: Medellin, Santa Marta, Armenia, Ibague, Popoyan

Best Small Cities: San Gil, Honda

Best Villages: Jericho and Jardin in Antioquia, Barichara and Velez in Santander,

Best Historical Centers: Cartegena, Popayan, Villa de Leyva, Barichara, Villa de Leyva, Honda and Mompox along the Magdalena River.

Best Main Square: Villa de Leyva – largest in Colombia

Best Beaches: The Pacific – Bahia Solano and Nuqui; Parque Tayrona and the beaches north and La Guajira Peninsula

Best Desert: Tatacoa Desert

Best Climate: Medellin, Bucaramanga, Popayan, San Gil, San Agustin, Duitama (cooler)

Bests Museums: Bogota

Best Border Towns: Cucuta, Leticia

Best Mountain Town: El Cocuy, Mongui

Best River to Explore: the Magdalena

Best Islands: Isla Fuerte, Providencia

Best Canyon: Chicamocha in Santander

Best Waterfall: Salto de Bodones (near San Agustin)

Best University Towns: Pomplona, Popayan

Best Place to live an Alternative life style: Palomino

Best Food & Drink:

Best High Altitude Coffee: Urrao, Narino, Sierra Nevada, Risaralda

Best Market: Bucaramanga

Best Beer: 3 Cordilleras Stout

Best Spirits: 12 year old rum – Ron Medellin, Dictador or La Hachicera

Best Restaurants: Bogota

Best Wine Zones to Visit: La Union – Parque Nacional di Uva

Best Snacks: Jet Chocolate, Margherita Potato Chips, arepa con huevo

Best Place to Eat Fish: Atlantic and Pacific Coasts

Best Place to Eat Meat: Los Llanos

Best Fruit: Maracuya (Passion Fruit) / Guyaba

Best Dishes: Lechona (roasted baby pig), Sancocho (chicken soup)

Best Breads: Pandebono/ Pan de yuca

Best Drinks: fruit juices, agua panela lemon aid, expresso coffee

Best Transportation:

Best Domestic Airline: Latam

Best Airport: La Dorada: Bogota

Best Bus Lines: Liberadores, Palmira Metro, Bolivariano

Best Inner City Transportation: Medellin’s metro

Most Interesting form of Transport: Chiva buses

Best Destinations/Adventures:

Best Adventure Sports: San Gil

Best Trek: Ciudad Perdida

Best Hot Springs: San Vincente, Cocunco (near Popayan)

Best Archeological Sites: San Agustin, Tierradentro

Best Destination in the Amazon: Cerros de Mavecure

Best Route Between Two Cities: Bogota to Medellin via Honda

Best Place to Whale Watch: Bahia Solano

Best Place to go Bird Watching: Sierra Nevada Mountains near Santa Marta; Antioquia Rain forest; Pacific Choco Coastal Rainforest; Amazon Jungle; Cloud Forests of Los Nevados, Manizales.

Best Hiking Adventure: Trek to Ciudad Perdida

Best Church: Las Lajas

Best Tour: Norcasia Rivers and Waterfalls

Best Place to do Yage/Ayuhuasca: Jungles outside of Mocoa

Best Place for Nature: The Amazon

Arts and Crafts:

Best Towns for Colombian Arts and Crafts: Raquira, Findlandia, Jericho

Best Colombian Hats: the Vueltiao straw hats in Tuchin/ Aguadeno hats made in Aguadas

Best Colombian: Hammocks – San Jacinto

Best Wool Products: Nobsa

Best Ceramics: Carmen de Viboral near Medellin – hand painted ceramics

Best Filagree: Mompox

Best Leather Goods : Jericho in Antioquia


Best Music: Salsa

Best Carnival: Barranquilla 

Best Dance Clubs: Cali

Best Colombia Artist: Botero

Best Colombian Writer: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Best Singer – Most Popular: Shakira


Best Shopping Malls: Cucuta


Best Economical Hotel Chain: Ayenda

Jon McInnes

Jon McInnes is a journalist who has been traveling to Colombia since 1972. He travels to Colombia and other parts of South America yearly and writes for newspapers, food, wine and travel publications. He currently lives between Colombia and Detroit. You can also follow him on facebook and contact him via email at:

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