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As a fan and student of Colombian humanities, I’m always on the hunt for websites, blogs, travel guides (websites and printed guides ), news stories and books relating to Colombia. I’ll even read bad books and  dated, discontinued blog sites from years ago to learn of a writer’s Colombian experiences. And I always  learn something new.

Here are some of my favorite sites, travel guides and books on Colombia. If you have websites and publications you’d  think I’ve overlooked, please leave them with me in the comment box below.

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Websites – Links:

Colombia Travel – a blog  with text and photos by  a journalist who has been traveling to Colombia since 1972. There are 70 informative articles in this blog with ample photos on places to visit in Colombia focusing on the ‘off the beaten path’ destinations. – a freelance journalist who owns a hotel in Mompox. He has numerous recorded radio podcast online  called ‘Colombia Calling’, and a biography of books and articles studying Colombia culture and politics. His vast knowledge about Colombia is impressive. – the country’s leading website for news, in
English, on Colombia, travel tips and background. – an insider guide to Medellin and expat tips on things to do, places to go, where to stay, where to eat, etc. A blog geared mostly to expats living in Medellin but also of interest to visitors.  There are some articles on travel in Colombia but most of the blog just covers  Medellin and its surroundings. – an interesting blog/website dedicated to living and traveling around Medellin, things to do, restaurants and more. – a delightful blog about food, culture and life as an expat in Colombia by Erin Donaldson who lives in Pereira; with a lot of good information on the department of Choco. – a sophisticated, photogenic blog about travel, experiences and discovering Colombia. – a comprehensive blog/website/ guide on traveling throughout Colombia – a guide on Colombia travel destinations, tours and things to do.  – an international expat help and support site with lots of useful information on living and working abroad.  Just click on South American and Colombia for a list of valuable links. – an intelligent, opinionated, academic blog about banking, taxes, politics, economics, food and culture in Colombia. Straight forward ideas – ‘no sugar coating’. Talks about Cali in particular but Colombia in general. – a travel blog about living abroad and calling Colombia home – the experiences of an expat plus travel destinations in Colombia – by Sarah Duncan – a food blog/website dedicated to discovery of the best of Colombian cuisine. Plus coffee and coffee experiences by Karen Attman – a blog devoted to Bogota’s neighborhoods, living and working in the city by a blogger named Naiomi. – explore, discover, believe. A website about traveling in Colombia promoting tours and travel packages with a lot of good, general information on visiting Colombia with  lots of photos. – a website with information on bird watching in Colombia; promoting their  bird watching tours

Travel guides Colombia:

There are a numerous travel guides on Colombia. Some are out of print.  Most are available on Kindle.  Here are my standard favorites still in print today:

The Rough Guide to Colombia(2015)

Colombia: Bradt Travel Guide (2018)

Moon Colombia (2017)

Lonely Planet Colombia (2017)

Frommer’s Easy Guide to Colombia (2017)

Books – Background Reading on Colombia:

Colombia Reader: History, Culture and Politics 

Short Walks from Bogota: Journeys in the New Colombiaby Tom Feiling

The Making of Modern Colombia: A Nation in Spite of Itself – by David Bushnell

The New Colombiaby the Financial Times

Oblivion: A Memoirby Hector Abad

The Farc: The Longest Insurgency – by Gary Leech

The Dispossessed: Chronicles of the Desterrados of Colombia – by Alfredo Molano

Country of Bullits: Chronicles of War – by Juanita Leon

Bolivar – American Liberator by Marie Arana

Magdelena by Wade Davis

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Jon McInnes

Jon McInnes is a journalist who has been traveling to Colombia since 1972. He travels to Colombia and other parts of South America yearly and writes for newspapers, food, wine and travel publications. He currently lives between Colombia and Detroit. You can also follow him on facebook and contact him via email at:

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